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Shipping Container Blog Articles

How to Insulate Your Shipping Container

  Insulating your shipping container is essential if you plan to spend any time in it. Australia’s climate can be harsh, with scorching summer temperatures and chilly winters, and although we’ve seen container repurposing skyrocket, shipping containers weren’t designed to be a habitat for humans. They are made of steel and are susceptible to condensation, […]

Man Caves, She Sheds and Playrooms using Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers for the Whole Family Creating your own retreat where you can get away, relax, socialise with friends or focus on your hobbies doesn’t have to be a day dream any longer! It doesn’t mean adding an extension to the house, either. If you have a bit of space in the yard, then all […]

Specialised Shipping Containers – Open Top, Flat Rack, Bulker and Half Height

Special circumstances call for specialised containers, and there are a number of shipping container modifications that have become standard in the industry. These modified container styles cater to cargo that needs to be loaded from the top, oversized cargo, oddly-shaped cargo, and cargo comprised of free running material. Open Top Shipping Containers Open top shipping […]

Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have become the go-to storage solution for many businesses due to their strength, durability, security and weather resistance. They are also cost effective and easily transported, meaning they tick all the boxes for an effective and efficient storage solution. Dangerous Goods shipping containers share the same benefits as standard containers, however they utilise […]

Side Opening Shipping Containers

Side opening shipping containers are specifically designed for customers who need general purpose shipping containers, but require full side access for loading and unloading.  Standard shipping containers are extremely versatile and useful for meeting storage needs, but loading items through the double doors on the front of the container is not always practical. This is […]

Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have become the go-to temporary storage solution in many industries. They are strong, secure, weather resistant, and best of all, they are cost effective and easily transported between locations.   But surely the contents of a big steel box sitting outside would get hot, especially in summer, right?  Cue the refrigerated shipping container. […]

10ft Shipping Containers

The most common shipping container sizes are the 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) containers. You’ve probably seen these being utilised on work sites or for domestic storage. Increasing demand for shipping containers has also given rise to the 10ft container. The smaller container offers the same great benefits as its larger cousins – weather resistance, […]

Shipping Containers Perfect for Temporary Storage

Found yourself short on storage space in the lead up to Christmas? Many businesses do. Additional stock arrives for the busy holiday period or you take on more staff and, suddenly, there’s no room left! The good news is that shipping containers are perfect for temporary storage. They are cost effective, sturdy, clean and, best […]

Containers and Dome Shelters: Your Complete Site Solution

Shipping containers are hot property right now, and for good reason. Their versatility, strength, portability and affordability means they’re the number one choice when extra storage or workspace is needed. Couple shipping containers with container domes built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, and you have a complete worksite solution. The Shipping Container Advantage Shipping […]

Our New Shipping Container Depot in Narangba Queensland NOW OPEN!

Premier Box Shipping Containers is excited to announce the opening of their new depot in Narangba, conveniently located just 25 minutes north of Brisbane and 15 minutes south of Caboolture. The new depot in Narangba is Premier Box’s first retail outlet for customers in South East Queensland, and allows customers to inspect shipping containers onsite […]

Brisbane’s Shipping Container Food Market a Hit with Locals

Brisbane’s Eat Street Market at Hamilton Wharf brings together a vibrant mix of international cuisines, home wares and textiles, live music, produce, bars and galleries. We visited the market on Friday night, which was rumoured to be the busiest night yet in Eat Street’s short history, and we were amazed by the atmosphere and aromas […]

Shipping Container House Wins Major Architecture Award – Sunshine Coast

In July last year, the Sunshine Coast Daily ran an article on Buddina residents’ outrage over a local architect’s plan to build a home office out of shipping containers. The home-based office and its architect, John Robertson, become the centre of a controversial debate around the use of shipping containers for construction in residential areas. […]

Shipping Container Swimming Pools

Enthusiastic up-cyclers are leading the way in alternative architecture and design by recycling used shipping containers as homes and offices, but if you’re not quite ready to live in a shipping container, have you thought about swimming in one? These versatile containers can also be converted into swimming pools at a fraction of the price of […]

Design Your Own Shipping Container Home – Start Now

Designing and building your own home using shipping containers can be a fun and financially rewarding experience. As the cost of housing and building materials continues to increase, and the concept of up-cycling is more readily embraced, people all over the world are turning to the humble shipping container to cut their building costs. Not […]

Shipping Containers and the Christchurch Re-Build

Shipping containers are playing a major part in the recovery of Christchurch and can be seen everywhere as the city continues to be re-built following the 6.3 earthquake that struck on 22 February 2011 which changed the city and surrounding suburbs and the lives of everyone who live there forever. On a recent trip to […]

Shipping Container Hotels

As you know from our previous blogs, shipping containers are being used for just about everything all around the world! Maybe you’ve slept in one! Not just another Travelodge The Travelodge in Uxbridge, England is a 120 bedroom hotel made entirely of used shipping containers. Eighty-six containers of various sizes were bolted together onsite, the […]

Shipping Containers Used For Schools

All over the world recycled shipping containers are popping up as they gain popularity with architects for the construction of education facilities – their low cost and ease of use being a big factor in their decision to use shipping containers.  Mile End Park Youth CentreUrban Space Management, an organisation specialising in urban regeneration in […]

The Shipping Container: The Box that Changed the World

History of the Shipping Container Logistics – “the management of the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption”.This is probably more a modern day word; however back in the 1950s an American truck driver had a logistical idea that changed the world! In 1934 that truck driver, Malcom McLean bought […]

Use a Shipping Container While You’re Renovating

Are you renovating and don’t want your furniture and possessions damaged while the work is being done? Don’t risk paint being dripped on your valuable leather lounge or something being knocked against your precious china cabinet. Rather than packing up your house and moving everything to a storage facility, have you thought about storing them onsite […]

Why Your Next Site Office Should be a Shipping Container

When a construction site office is needed, use a shipping container.Shipping containers make ideal site offices. They are easily transported to your building or construction site. They are versatile, secure and strong. If keeping within budget and time restraints is important to your project, then these steel boxes are worth considering. Available in 6m (20ft) […]

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