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10ft Shipping Containers

The most common shipping container sizes are the 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) containers. You’ve probably seen these being utilised on work sites or for domestic storage. 

Increasing demand for shipping containers has also given rise to the 10ft container. The smaller container offers the same great benefits as its larger cousins – weather resistance, durability, strength and versatility – but with a smaller footprint.

10ft Shipping Container - High cube10ft Shipping Container - Dangerous Goods10' shipping container

The smaller container needed to be 10ft so that existing methods of transport could be utilised. After all, one of the main draw cards of the shipping container is its ease of transportation and relocation. Container ships, railway wagons and container chassis secure 20ft shipping containers using four locking pins in each corner, so it made sense for this new smaller shipping container to be half the size at 10ft. This way 2 x 10ft shipping containers can be locked together and transported (empty) efficiently and safely.

Today’s new 10ft shipping container is built using exactly the same methods and materials as the 20ft shipping container, which is used internationally. Because of this, they are extremely tough, hardwearing, vermin proof and watertight. They are also available in the same configurations as 20ft shipping containers, meaning you have a choice of standard height, high cube and pallet wide containers.

Space isn’t always a luxury, so the 10ft container really comes to the party when extra storage space is needed in a squeeze. They function perfectly on work sites for storing tools, at schools for storing sports equipment, or at home as a garden or work shed. 

At Premier box we have standard height, high cube and pallet wide 10’ shipping containers available for sale and hire. 


External Length 3100 mm
External Width 2435 mm
External Height 2591 mm
Internal Length 2980 mm
Internal Width 2330 mm
Internal Height 2350 mm
Door Opening Height 2275 mm
Door Opening Width 2340 mm


Tare (Approx) 1200 kg
Cubic Capacity 15.4 m3

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