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Storage Container

New Build High Cube Shipping Container Custom Exterior Paint Shelving Units, 3-tier Sliding Window Electrical Pack Three Sizes to Choose From Want to know more about what is included? Download the inclusions and specifications! Download Inclusions Interested in a Storage Container? Get in touch and see how we can bring your project to life! Request […]

Case Study: Custom-built Shipping Container Offices for ExxonMobil PNG

Premier Box designed, built and delivered customised shipping container offices to Papua New Guinea, providing Exxon Mobil with a multiple office solution across four remote highland locations. In June 2019, ExxonMobil approached Premier Box about designing and building multiple shipping container offices that could be shipped to four of their gas drilling sites located in […]

Canteen / Cafe Container

New Build High Cube Shipping Container Custom Exterior Paint 50mm EPS Insulation Panel Commercial Vinyl Flooring Personnel Access Door 1 x 2m Servery Awnings w/ Gas Struts Electrical Pack Three Sizes to Choose From Want to know more about what is included? Download the inclusions and specifications! Download Inclusions Interested in a canteen or cafe? […]

Using Shipping Containers as a Secure Worksite Lock-Up and Workshop for Tools and Equipment

Shipping containers can be useful in a vast number of applications. But perhaps their most common use these days is providing a safe and secure workshop for tools and equipment on construction sites, mining sites, and various agricultural properties. Why are shipping containers perfect as worksite lock-ups and workshops for tools and equipment? Read on […]

Happy Turtle Cafe – Conversion Case Study

This October, the Happy Turtle Café landed in the Happy Valley providing Caloundra locals and visitors with coffee, house baked goods, vibrant salads, sandwiches, Açai bowls, cold pressed juices and smoothies. In collaboration with Murphy Builders and the Sunshine Coast Council, Premier Box were commissioned to convert one of our 20ft High Cube shipping containers […]

Bond University – AFL Facilities

The Premier Box team were recently briefed with a complex but exciting project for Bond University. They required AFL home & away team facilities to be installed on their AFL grounds in Robina. Using four new 20ft high cube containers, our team constructed two stacked structures complete with stairs, landing and awning. The bottom containers […]

Self Storage Solutions: Relocating

There are so many reasons why Australians are choosing self-storage for domestic items. The high cost of housing, down-sizing your home, moving away for work, taking an extended travel trip and long-term building and renovations are just some of the circumstances Australians find themselves in that prompt them to store belongings temporarily on a more […]

Mackay Regional Council – Conversion Case Study

Mackay Regional Council approached us last year to help develop facilities for their multi-sport venue Sugar Bowl Mackay, a Skate Park and Youth Plaza to be open and free to the public. “The concept behind the mobile shipping containers was to develop a space suitable for events, clubs, groups and Council staff” explains Jim Carless, […]

Workshop & Storage – Conversion Case Study

Whilst our general purpose containers are great for temporary or long term storage, we understand that sometimes businesses need a permanent space that is unique to their specific storage requirements. An example of this, is a project we completed for Followmont Transport. After finding us on Facebook, Followmont enquired about purchasing 2 containers, one for […]

Storage Tips & Tricks

There are many positives to living a clutter free life in a clutter free home. Clutter can often cause us to get distracted or irritated. It can be particular stressful when trying to find something urgently at home or in the office and it’s not where you thought it was. And if you don’t find […]

Helicopter Storage – Conversion Case Study

Yes, you read correctly… helicopter! Premier Box customer Luke owns and runs a cattle station and needed an on-site, secure, pest proof and cyclone safe storage space for his rotorcraft. Luke provided us with some images of his helicopter along with measurements which allowed our modifications team to get to work on modifying a 40’ […]

Unity College CoOp Café – Conversion Case Study

In 2016, we were approached by Unity College with the idea of having an on-site café that brings the local community and their students together, to create new business and learning opportunities. It would also be a place that students, staff and parents could visit throughout the day. After our initial briefing we went to […]

Choosing a Shipping Container Couldn’t be Easier

From pools to schools, there are no rules when it comes to the correct use of a shipping container. Choosing the right container for your needs doesn’t have to be tricky with our list of five handy questions by your side. What do you need the container for? The only limitation on what a shipping […]

10 Ways Shipping Containers Make Festival Planning Easy

Behind every great festival is a shipping container. These hard working steel boxes are the lifeblood of festival logistics. Shipping containers can: Easily transport equipment Act as on-site storage Be converted into pop-up food stalls and merchandise stands Have canopies attached for shelter Form ablution blocks, providing toilets and amenities Be box offices, information kiosks […]

The perfect storage solution

Having trouble clearing excess stock? Don’t panic about storage space. Shipping containers are the ultimate solution for creating more space quickly and efficiently with minimal cost. Standard shipping containers easily and securely store extra inventory, seasonal items, promotional materials, equipment, documents and archives. Storing temperature-sensitive items? Refrigerated containers may be exactly what you need. Got […]

Shipping Containers are the Smart Choice for Startups and Small Businesses

Starting a business has never been easier than it is today, but start-ups must be flexible and adaptable, thinking creatively in order to succeed in a market flooded by budding entrepreneurs. Managing business expenses and cash flow in the early days can have a significant impact on whether a startup takes off or crashes and […]

Trends with Benefits: Shipping Container Pop Up Retail

A pop up shop is considered to be a short-term sales space. The idea originated in Los Angeles back in 1997 at an event created by Patrick Courrielche, which was later branded as a one-day “ultimate hipster mall”. Since then, large international brands such as Adidas, Tesla, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Motorola have embraced […]

A Shipping Container Home for Every Budget

The growing popularity of shipping container houses means that you can now build or buy a container home with as little as $20,000, but they’re not only for the budget-conscious. Design firms are now using the humble steel box to create stunning architecturally designed luxury homes, cementing the shipping container as a legitimate alternative to […]

Unusual Ways to Use Shipping Containers

Once upon a time it would have been unconventional to use shipping containers for anything other than shipping, but today, we’ve seen their popularity explode. Houses and accommodation are now being built with shipping containers along with offices, workspaces and workshops. The self-storage industry is also moving toward containers for extra space both on and […]

Pros and Cons of Building with Shipping Containers: Myths Debunked

To build, or not to build…With shipping containers that is. It’s the great debate that leaves architects, builders and home owners divided. We’ve heard the hype about cargotecture and seen shipping container homes pop up all over the world, but is the shipping container really the earth-saving, cost-saving, time-saving, be-all and end-all building material we’ve […]

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