Shipping containers can be useful in a vast number of applications. But perhaps their most common use these days is providing a safe and secure workshop for tools and equipment on construction sites, mining sites, and various agricultural properties.

Why are shipping containers perfect as worksite lock-ups and workshops for tools and equipment? Read on to find out.


Complete Protection Against the Elements

Protecting your worksite tools and equipment from various environmental conditions is of paramount importance. Cold or hot temperatures can cause severe damage to your equipment, but not as much as moisture.

What if your equipment and tools come in contact with water from heavy rain or a flood? What if you have electrical equipment on your worksite? Water can cause an electrical fire, as it is a natural conductor of electricity.

Any harsh weather can wreak havoc on your temporary workshop, causing permanent damage to all your tools and equipment.

All of this is why it is vital to protect your equipment and tools from the elements. Shipping containers can provide the best possible protection, but you need to make sure you find the right containers for your needs.

You should find durable and robust shipping containers that can stand the test of time. You need to ensure that they are completely watertight so that they don’t ever let any water in.

It is also crucial that they have corrosion-resistant steel bodies to prevent rust and any other damage from oxidation.

Last but not least, you should find properly ventilated containers that can effectively keep moisture away and fight condensation. Fortunately, you can easily find containers with proper insulation, ventilation, dehumidifiers, and air conditioning.

Heavy-Duty Lock Box as Theft Protection

The tools, equipment, and various other work supplies that people use on construction or mining sites are often desirable targets for thieves. Those tools and different types of equipment are usually costly, compelling criminals to look for ways to steal them.

You certainly can’t afford to have someone break into your worksite and steal all that valuable stuff from your temporary workshop. You would need to spend a lot of money to purchase the necessities again, and you would deal with downtime that disrupts your entire work project. This means higher costs, worker dissatisfaction, and a massive dent in your bottom line.

You may have insurance, but it wouldn’t cover all your financial losses. Your uninsured costs may be higher than the amount your particular insurance covers.

Thieves are especially active during the holidays, on weekends, and during nighttime, when construction workers are not on their job site. So, how can you protect your valuables when you’re not around? The answer lies in shipping containers.

If you find a sturdy container with a steel body, it would be impossible for someone to try and break it. However, locking it may not be enough to stop thieves from trying to open it.

So, don’t make yourself an easy target. Get a container that is fitted with a heavy-duty lock-box that is completely tamper-proof. With that kind of protection, all of your valuables will always remain safe and secure.

Protection from Vermin

Many storage facilities focus on providing excellent protection against theft, vandalism, and weather elements, but completely overlook the possible threat of vermin.

What if rodents or insects get into your storage unit? Even if you try and protect all your tools and equipment with plastic wraps or bags, that wouldn’t be enough in case of rodent infestation. Rodents would eat through the plastic.

And it’s not only equipment damage that you should worry about, but also contamination. Rats carry dangerous diseases, so you don’t want them contaminating your workshop.

This is yet another reason why shipping containers are excellent solutions for securing worksites and workshops for tools and equipment.

With a high-quality container on your job site, you won’t have to lose sleep over vermin getting into your storage unit, causing damage to all its valuable contents, and bringing in any disease.

Shelves, Ramps, and Other Modifications for Organization and Maximum Convenience

Keeping your tools and equipment well-organised is essential for worksite efficiency and effectiveness.

With shipping containers, you can easily store and organise everything, from safety hats, gloves, and glasses to all your hand tools, power tools, and various pieces of larger equipment.

This is because you can add shelves, ramps, pipe racks, and a lot of other modifications to organise your temporary workshop. You can add them anytime you need, without causing downtime or any kind of a mess.

These modifications are adjustable, removable, and very easy to install. You can make sure they are heavy-duty as well so that they securely hold all your tools.

Worksite Safety

The safety of your workers should be your number one priority during any construction project. Taking the necessary worksite safety measures will help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

One of those safety measures includes properly organising and putting away all your tools and equipment. By enabling you to organise your tools seamlessly, shipping containers immediately improve the safety of your workers. They help you create a safe work environment where everyone can perform their tasks completely hassle-free.

Equipment Storage That Can Be Relocated

If you store your tools and equipment in a particular storage facility or permanent warehouse, you would need to transport them regularly to your worksite. This is not very efficient and cost-effective.

With shipping containers, you can quickly and easily move your tools when you need to relocate to another site. Their mobility and ease of transport provide the flexibility and convenience that no type of permanent storage does.

Easy Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading all the tools and pieces of equipment you need for a job can often be very time-consuming. If you transport them to your worksite using trucks, for instance, it would take a lot of time for you to both load and unload them every single day during the construction project.

This is not the case with shipping containers. Since they sit directly on the ground, loading and unloading them is an absolute piece of cake. It’s an easy, quick, convenient, and very cost-effective process.

Why Choose Premier Box?

Premier Box is a registered Australian shipping container business with headquarters in Burpengary, Queensland. We are a completely customer-centric business dedicated to providing our customers with only the best shipping containers that they can either purchase or rent.

Our high-cube containers come in 6m (20ft), and 12m (40ft) lengths, and have standard configurations regarding height. They can easily store any tools and equipment you need, helping you complete all your projects efficiently and effectively. They are incredibly strong, built to last, and have all the features discussed above, so they will keep all your valuables perfectly safe and secure.

We can provide you with both new and purpose-built shipping containers, which you can insure to protect your stored valuables from any potential risks. We offer different door configurations, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

We understand that businesses are often short on time when dealing with construction or mining projects, especially during the holidays. This is why we offer immediate delivery of our top-notch shipping containers all across Australia.

The shipping container professionals in our team are dedicated to meeting all our clients’ needs, so you can be sure that working with them will be seamless and enjoyable. If you put your trust in us, we guarantee the highest possible quality of service, fast delivery, and competitive prices. We promise to exceed your expectations.

If you have any further questions about our premier shipping containers and all our services, feel free to give us a call on 07 3888 3011. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide a helping hand.

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