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Shipping Container Rental and Financing Options

We help our clients with a wide range of shipping container hire, leasing and finance options.

Sale and Lease Back
We offer shipping container sale and lease back options, allowing a customer with the correct shipping container fleet already in place the ability to inject some equity back into their business.

One Way Leasing
Premier Shipping Containers is able to assist in the repositioning of a customer’s own container equipment, from a shipping container manufacturer to a customer’s depot and from surplus locations to demand areas, both domestically and internationally.

Find a Box
Through our worldwide partnerships Premier Shipping Containers can source the unique container equipment which matches your requirements. This service includes ISO tanks, refrigerated containers and specials (flat racks and open tops).

Finance Lease Agreements (available to ABN holders only)
Premier Shipping Containers can also provide our business customers with a container finance option for new multiple fleet purchases, should their preference be toward ownership of the shipping container at the end of the lease term. Or we can work with your preferred finance provider.

Why Turn to Premier Box When You Need Help?

  1. Premier Box is an Australian company governed by strict Australian laws.
  2. The Premier Box team has 20 years combined experience in the shipping container industry, allowing us to offer you the most cost effective, efficient and dependable shipping container rental and financing solutions available. 

For more information regarding shipping container sales and hire, send us a quote request or please give us a call on 07 3888 3751

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