There are so many reasons why Australians are choosing self-storage for domestic items. The high cost of housing, down-sizing your home, moving away for work, taking an extended travel trip and long-term building and renovations are just some of the circumstances Australians find themselves in that prompt them to store belongings temporarily on a more permanent basis.

We chatted to Sunshine Coast resident, Jade, who moved from Brisbane last year and found that self storage was the most effective way to relocate her life and belongings without having to get rid of everything she owned.

“I had always wanted to move to the Coast and when my partner was offered a job in Maroochydore, we jumped at the chance. We had to move within a couple of weeks, putting our Brisbane unit up for rent and packing our whole life into boxes. Because I hadn’t secured a job yet we couldn’t afford to find a permanent place to live which meant we were stuck with nowhere to keep our things. We also didn’t have the time to search for the perfect place, we just needed some where to stay until we found our feet.

Despite trying our best to declutter and get rid of things that we didn’t need any-more, there were still many things I couldn’t part with.

Originally being from England I had so boxes of sentimental items from my English family and friends as well items from family members who had passed away. My partner being in construction meant he also had expensive tools that he didn’t need for this current job but would need in the future.

After a quick Google search we found that self storage was going to be the best option for us, and it was. It was affordable and flexible in how long we could keep our stuff packed away. We were also able to access tools and furniture easily that we realised we later needed.”

Self storage is the perfect solution for people like Jade who are relocating, whether that be for a short or long period of time to study or work.

At the Premier Box Burpengary depot, our self storage shipping Containers are large enough to store home furniture, keepsakes, gym or cleaning equipment and even vehicles and motorcycles!

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