The Premier Box team were recently briefed with a complex but exciting project for Bond University. They required AFL home & away team facilities to be installed on their AFL grounds in Robina.

Using four new 20ft high cube containers, our team constructed two stacked structures complete with stairs, landing and awning. The bottom containers were designed as a players seating area, offering shade and shelter. These containers were secured to the ground using the Surefoot anchoring system provided by BMSA, with top containers locked in using twist locks.

The top containers were built for the purpose of housing the team’s coaches. Our modifications team installed insulation, air-conditioning and electrical, complete with a wrap-around window for a good view of the game.

Once on site and in place, Premier Box then fitted the rear stairs, landing and awning. 

It was by no means an easy project, with tight deadlines and a challenging window design. But the end result was well worth the hard work!