From pools to schools, there are no rules when it comes to the correct use of a shipping container. Choosing the right container for your needs doesn’t have to be tricky with our list of five handy questions by your side.

What do you need the container for?

The only limitation on what a shipping container can be used for is your own imagination. From stunning homes to medical centres, or for additional storage space while you move house, there isn’t much that one of our shipping containers can’t become to help you out when you’re short of space.

Containers make the perfect office space without turning your house into a work environment. They can also be used as portable or permanent shops, hair salons and cafés.

However, if you’re more of a traditionalist, then our containers can also continue be used for shipping your valuable possessions from one part of the country to another, via land or sea, keeping them dry, safe and free from the attention of unwanted nasty visitors (vermin) until they reach their destination.

Easily transported, our containers can hold your valued items either at your location or offsite – offering a much higher level of flexibility than fixed location storage spaces.

Images: (L), (R)

What size container do you need?

Our containers come in 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) lengths, and standard height and high cube configurations. Our smallest shipping container is a 6m (20ft) standard, this provides 33.2cu/m of space – enough room for the contents of an average three bedroom home.

But if you’re still not sure what size you are going to need, just use our volume calculator, or call us and we’ll help you to decide.

Use our handy shipping container volume calculator to estimate your shipping container size needs.

Do you need to store goods at a consistent temperature or even keep it cold?

We have a range of refrigerated shipping containers that provide the perfect solution for goods that need to be stored or transported at a regulated temperature.

Our refrigerated shipping containers have been specifically chosen by our team of experts for their low power consumption and they are the most environmentally friendly units on the market. We have standard 20′ and 40′ refrigerated shipping containers for hire, and 10′ & 20′ domestic refrigerated shipping containers. These domestic refrigerated shipping containers are fitted with lights, alarms, easy open
doors, flat floors and come as standard with a stainless steel ramp.

Standard and domestic refrigerated shipping containers require three phase power.

Images: Premier Box refrigerated shipping container

Do you need to have your shipping container modified?

Shipping containers are no longer simply about ships. In fact, these days shipping containers can be used for almost any purpose with just a few modifications.

The team at Premier Box can design and modify any size shipping container, simply tell us what you need and our team will create a solution that meets your demand and your budget.

Images: (L) Premier Box modification – Real Estate Office (R) Premier Box modification – Cafe

Modification types (this is what started out as a breakout box).

● Additional container doors
● Sliding doors
● Roller doors
● Windows
● Security screens
● Awnings
● Insulation panels
● Non-slip vinyl floors
● Three phase electricity
● Vents / Whirly birds
● Sky lights
● Fire suppression systems
● Air conditioning
● Lighting
● Power points
● Showers / Toilets
● Kitchens
● Air conditioners
● Wall removal
● Custom painting
● Generator and compression installation

Images: Premier Box modifications

How long do you need the shipping container for?

Whether for commercial or personal use, the length of time you need the shipping container for (and what modifications you need to make) will ultimately decide if you would be better off buying a unit, or simply hiring one.

Our fleet of hire containers are among the youngest and most diverse in South East Queensland and consist of portable storage units that have only been used domestically within Australia. Our agreements are flexible and competitive and we can often deliver a hire container on the same day that it’s ordered.

However, if your needs determine that you should purchase your very own shipping container then you can rest assured that with us you’re getting the highest standard and latest designs available.

If a used container is more within your budget then we have designed our very own unique grading criteria to help you to choose the right container for your needs. All of our used containers are inspected for damage, structural integrity and aesthetics on arrival at out depot and based on this process we can ensure that we meet your requirements and expectations.

Premier Box offers an efficient and value for money solution designed to meet your

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