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Design Your Own Shipping Container Home – Start Now

Designing and building your own home using shipping containers can be a fun and financially rewarding experience. As the cost of housing and building materials continues to increase, and the concept of up-cycling is more readily embraced, people all over the world are turning to the humble shipping container to cut their building costs. Not […]

Shipping Containers and the Christchurch Re-Build

Shipping containers are playing a major part in the recovery of Christchurch and can be seen everywhere as the city continues to be re-built following the 6.3 earthquake that struck on 22 February 2011 which changed the city and surrounding suburbs and the lives of everyone who live there forever. On a recent trip to […]

Shipping Container Hotels

As you know from our previous blogs, shipping containers are being used for just about everything all around the world! Maybe you’ve slept in one! Not just another Travelodge The Travelodge in Uxbridge, England is a 120 bedroom hotel made entirely of used shipping containers. Eighty-six containers of various sizes were bolted together onsite, the […]

Shipping Containers Used For Schools

All over the world recycled shipping containers are popping up as they gain popularity with architects for the construction of education facilities – their low cost and ease of use being a big factor in their decision to use shipping containers. Mile End Park Youth Centre Urban Space Management, an organisation specialising in urban regeneration […]

The Shipping Container: The Box that Changed the World

History of the Shipping Container Logistics – “the management of the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption”. This is probably more a modern day word; however back in the 1950s an American truck driver had a logistical idea that changed the world! In 1934 that truck driver, Malcom McLean […]

Use a Shipping Container While You’re Renovating

Are you renovating and don’t want your furniture and possessions damaged while the work is being done? Don’t risk paint being dripped on your valuable leather lounge or something being knocked against your precious china cabinet. Rather than packing up your house and moving everything to a storage facility, have you thought about storing them onsite […]

Why Your Next Site Office Should be a Shipping Container

When a construction site office is needed, use a shipping container.Shipping containers make ideal site offices. They are easily transported to your building or construction site. They are versatile, secure and strong. If keeping within budget and time restraints is important to your project, then these steel boxes are worth considering. Available in 6m (20ft) […]

Architect Uses Shipping Containers for Home-Based Business

Have you noticed? Shipping containers are popping up everywhere! Recently the Managing Director of a local architectural company sparked outrage with his next-door neighbours when he had three shipping containers delivered to his vacant suburban block in one of the Sunshine Coast’s popular beachside streets.  An article in the Sunshine Coast Daily (Residents tell new […]

Shipping Containers Accommodate the Homeless

Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis – these are just a few natural disasters that can lead people to becoming displaced from their homes. Poverty and unemployment can also lead to homelessness, and all around the world, shipping containers are being utilised to combat this issue.  Brighton Housing Trust ProjectThe number of homeless youths has tripled in the […]

A Holiday Home with a Difference – Shipping Container

If you’re looking for a holiday home with a difference then you might like to think about recycled shipping containers – made from one of the strongest steels in the world and are resistant to atmospheric corrosion, can withstand harsh conditions. Better still, you can take them anywhere!  You can tow it behind back of a […]

Shipping Container Art Around The World

We all now know that there are a multitude of uses for used shipping containers – cut a hole in one side and you have a coffee shop; put a door in and you have a cubby house (or a place to put the mother-in-law!) but have you thought about really making a statement – […]

Urban Agriculture and Shipping Containers

Did you know that by 2050 more than twice as many of our current population will be living in cities or urban areas?  An increasing population needs to be fed and the world needs to create more food. Rising costs of production on traditional farms due to such things as drought or flood and increased […]

What You Should Know About Corten Steel

If you’ve ever wondered how shipping containers withstand the harsh and often damp environments they are used in without rusting away, the secret to their longevity may very well be in the type of steel used in their construction: Cor-Ten steel. What is Cor-Ten Steel?Cor-Ten steel is a weathering steel traditionally used in the construction […]

More Storage Space, FAST!

Shipping containers for temporary storage. Businesses across Australia are making smarter decisions this year when it comes to finding cost effective solutions for temporary storage and warehousing. With the lead up to the holiday season putting pressure on many businesses to come up with extra space fast, hiring shipping containers for temporary warehousing purposes is […]

How To Build a Level Foundation for your Shipping Container

In an earlier post, Top 8 Points to Consider When Buying or Hiring a Shipping Container, we discussed the need for a level foundation to place your shipping container on. Whether you’re hiring a container for a short term storage solution or buying a container as a workshop or shed, it’s important that you plan […]

Top 8 Shipping Container Homes

1. Redondo Beach HouseSnapshot-Location: Redondo Beach, California USAClient: Anna and Sven PirklDesigner/Architect: Peter DeMaria of DeMaria DesignCost: $125/sq ftDistinction: 2007 American Institute of Architects – Excellence in Design/ Innovation Award 2007Use of Shipping Containers: 8 Shipping Containers used, varying sizesSize: 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 BathroomsFeatures: Spacious living room with 20-foot ceilings, in-ground shipping container swimming pool, glass-panel […]

Shipping Container Coffee Shop

A bustling line of coffee-lovers at your doorstep each morning is every coffee shop owner’s dream. For Rick Caspersen of Mambo Coffee, this dream had become a reality, but it also brought about a challenge with wait times for morning coffees climbing to 20 minutes. How to cater to peak hour demand without breaking the […]

Top 8 Tips for Buying or Hiring a Shipping Container

SizeShipping containers measuring 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) long are the most cost effective options when considering what size to buy. Containers with these lengths are the most commonly used in the shipping industry and are therefore the most readily available. Smaller sizes such as 10ft containers are usually cut down from larger containers and […]

Shipping Container Converts Into Cafe in Under 2 Minutes

At the touch of a button, a discarded shipping container transforms into a restaurant in under 2 minutes, right before your eyes. This incredible and intriguing creation is called MUVBOX, and has become somewhat of a sensation in Old Montreal, and even across the globe. Inspired by Illy Cafe’s Push Button House, restauranteur and entrepreneur […]

Medical Clinics Go Mobile with Shipping Containers

In the aftermath of devastating natural disasters around the world, shipping containers have often been modified and retrofitted to quickly replace damaged infrastructure. The RE:Start project in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a perfect example of this. But while the residents of Christchurch were once again able to sip lattes and shop ’til they drop in […]

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