We all now know that there are a multitude of uses for used shipping containers – cut a hole in one side and you have a coffee shop; put a door in and you have a cubby house (or a place to put the mother-in-law!) but have you thought about really making a statement – with a shipping container sculpture!? 

Public Shipping Container Art. With just a bit of imagination you’d be amazed at what can be made from shipping containers. Look at these sculptures showing how creative (though versatile) shipping containers can be. This precarious looking piece of art was made by stacking shipping containers on their corners in Yamashita Park, Japan. 

shipping container art

This other modern art sculpture was created by a team of artists in Rotterdam by disassembling a shipping container and re-forming it.

shipping container art

 Swedish Artist, Michael Johansson uses shipping containers (and as you can see, other recycled items) as the building blocks for his sculptures. 

shipping container art with cars and caravans

This sculpture is named “Self Contained” and was part of a group exhibit called “Umedalan Skulptur” in Sweden. 

shipping container art

“Trade Deficit” is a series of shipping container sculptures by Joseph Riche in the RiNo district of Denver, Colorado. Shipping containers are commonplace in the area so the sculptures signify Denver’s industrial past and with their bold colours are a symbol of its bright future. Read more on their construction and “how they got there.” 

Public Art on the Linienstrabe
 Here a shipping container has been transformed into a Video Box as part of the MMX Public Art Project in Berlin. 
A series of public art exhibitions have been run during the renovation process of one of the few remaining unrenovated buildings in that part of Berlin which will become new a apartment block. The Video Box is balanced on top of the sales office for the apartments and features works from a different artist each week … read more 

shipping container art

The Giant I.O.U.
 This giant structure was built by artist, John Salvest across the road from the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City. It was made from 105 shipping containers spelling out the message I.O.U. which symbolises the national debt – the artist says that a lot of people are angry and worried about the economy and their well-being. The “piece” attracted 50 visitors every day! … read more 

shipping container art with IOU

The Whitney Studio

 The Whitney Studio in New York is both a gallery and an education space for art classes and informal lectures. It is made up of six shipping containers which are stacked in two rows of three. The Whitney Studio was designed to fit into the building’s “moat” as a temporary setting before being relocated in a few more years … read more.

 shipping container artshipping container art

Shipping Container Art School in Korea
Eight shipping containers were used to construct this Art School in Anyang, Korea. They were stacked and cut along a 45 degree angle and situated amongst the greenery along the river. 
The colours used – bright yellow and black, make it a focal point within the city and the fishbone pattern creates dramatic angles inside. There is a public amphitheatre on the ground floor and a multipurpose area which has two studios for artists-in-residence and an exhibition space on the second floor.
The shipping containers were transported to the site as separate modules and connected to each other by a main steel frame. Two work crews completed the whole project inside and outside in less than six months … read more. 

Premier Box shipping container art

GAD Mobile Shipping Container Gallery for Travelling Art Exhibitions
A Norwegian architect company designed and built this mobile art gallery, called GAD, from 10 shipping containers for a client who wanted a temporary gallery that could be moved to different locations. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows have been fitted as well as round porthole windows for natural light and each container is insulated on the inside. The shipping containers are waterproof so no risk of water damage to precious artworks and suited to the harshest weather conditions. The whole structure can be disassembled, moved and then reassembled in just a matter of days making it perfect for travelling art exhibitions … read more. 

Premier Box shipping containers as art and buildings

If you think you have just the right place for a shipping container sculpture and would like to bring out the inner-artist in you, or maybe you have some artwork to display, contact Premier Box Shipping Containers on 07 3888 3011 or click to Get a Quote Online.