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Christchurch’s Shipping Container Shopping Mall

In September 2010 a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the New Zealand city of Christchurch. The earthquake had a devastating effect on the people and economy of New Zealand, and was then followed by an aftershock in February 2011 that destroyed a shopping mall in Christchurch, along with much of Christchurch’s infrastructure.  [[youtube? &link=``]] Despite the […]

Medical Clinics Go Mobile with Shipping Containers

In the aftermath of devastating natural disasters around the world, shipping containers have often been modified and retrofitted to quickly replace damaged infrastructure. The RE:Start project in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a perfect example of this. But while the residents of Christchurch were once again able to sip lattes and shop ’til they drop in […]

Shipping Container Converts Into Cafe in Under 2 Minutes

At the touch of a button, a discarded shipping container transforms into a restaurant in under 2 minutes, right before your eyes. This incredible and intriguing creation is called MUVBOX, and has become somewhat of a sensation in Old Montreal, and even across the globe. Inspired by Illy Cafe’s Push Button House, restauranteur and entrepreneur […]

Build a Shipping Container Home

Thinking of building a shipping container home? Alternative housing is not just a new fad. The cost of building materials is rising while traditional supplies such as lumber are dwindling. Sustainable harvesting practices are barely keeping up with the demand for increased housing as populations increase. Moving materials to locations far from urban and suburban […]

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