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Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Sale

Refrigerated shipping containers are the perfect solution for any goods requiring storage or transportation under regulated temperature and humidity conditions. Although they are known as refrigerated shipping containers, they have a range of -25C to +25C, giving the client perfect conditions for both refrigeration and for items that need a certain ambient environment.

Our refrigerated shipping containers have been specifically chosen by our team of experts for their low power consumption and they are the most environmentally friendly units on the market.Available in 10′, 20′ and 40′ – standard or high cube sizes, these containers have a temperature range of -20°C to 20°C. Generally refrigerated shipping containers require three phase power to operate, however we also sell single phase shipping containers known as chillers.

Premier Shipping Containers stocks both new and used refrigerated shipping containers for sale at our Narangba container depot.

Our refrigerated shipping containers are the most environmentally friendly units on the market

We'll help you choose a container that's right for you.

Shipping Container Dimensions

General Construction: Corrosion resistant Muffler Grade Stainless Steel exterior with a three coat paint system and smooth High Grade Stainless Steel inner linings and aluminum scuff plates. An insulated base with aluminum “T” section floor rail and corrugation subfloor.

Testing: All containers are checked on the production line for dimensions, door operation, quality of construction and air tightness.

Note: Measurements can vary and therefore the below information should only be used as a guide.

Refrigerated Applications:

  • Transport & storage of perishable goods
  • Extra cold storage for peak seasons
  • Storage during cold room maintenance
  • Catering storage for events
  • Pharmaceutical storage
  • Geological storage

Refrigerated shipping containers are high value specialised items, and as such we do not hold inventory in all Australian locations at all times.

 6m Standard12m High Cube
External Length6058 mm12192 mm
Internal Length5456 mm11590 mm
External Width2438 mm2438 mm
Internal Width2294 mm2294 mm
External Height2592 mm2896 mm
Internal Height2273 mm2554 mm
Door Opening Width2290 mm2290 mm
Door Opening Height2264 mm2569 mm
Maximum Cargo Height2221 mm2505 mm
Cubic Capacity28.4 cu/m67.9 cu/m
Tare Weight2,940 kg4,740 kg
Max Payload27,540 kg29,260 kg

For more information regarding refrigerated shipping containers for sale, send us a quote request or please give us a call on 07 3888 3011

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