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Shipping Container Leasing - Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Do you need branded shipping containers for a new project or customer contract, but not want to be burdened with the risks associated with asset management and residual values? Do you need to supplement your own fleet of shipping containers, at a low fixed cost and without impacting your ability to grow?

Under our long term shipping container operating lease agreements we can supply shipping containers to your specification, in your choice of colour and with either your branding or your customers. At the end of the agreement, you just hand the container back and we take care of the rest. 

Logos & branding applied to leased shipping containers are a powerful marketing message which enhances corporate status, while economically promoting a company to potential clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please contact us to discuss your container ideas and requirements. 

Premier Box Shipping Container Leasing

We can also supply our container hire fleet under a long term operating lease. The longer term means a better daily rate and because it is a shipping container operating lease, the agreement is off balance sheet, so it won’t affect your ability to gain finance.

shipping container pricesPremier Shipping Containers Long Term Operating Lease agreements are generally for a minimum of 3 yrs and subject to credit and board approval.

Why Lease Shipping Containers from Premier Box?

  1. Premier Box is an Australian company governed by strict Australian laws.
  2. The Premier Box team has 20 years combined experience in the shipping container industry, allowing us to offer you the most cost effective, efficient and dependable shipping container solutions available