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ASC Shipping

New 20’ standard with custom modifications, to suit the customers storage needs: –
PA door
Install container doors into side wall
Insulate container with 50mm eps panel
Custom shelving
Caged storage area
Electrical fit out including AC

Aviation Australia

Two used 40’ high cube containers, joined together to form a training room on site. Complete with roller doors. PA door, window and electrical fit out.

Clean Tech Pro

Using 8 new 20’ high cube containers, our scope was to produce a structure capable of housing various vessels, used for testing purposes.


New 20’ standard container, which includes a kitchen area and a bathroom (with shower). This container was to be placed in a remote NSW location, and used by CSIRO employee’s and contractors.

First AID Room

New 10’ high cube shipping container, fully insulated – complete with AC, electrical and first aid equipment.

Remote Test Laboratory

New 20’ high cube container, complete with custom windows and stainless-steel test area. The container is split into two areas, shower room and a test area. Fully insulated, with electrical and plumbing included.

Outdoor Pool Room

New 20’ standard, with 4500mm glass stacker in the side wall. AC unit and electrical.

Sports Bar

New 20’ high cube container, complete with three serving areas, insulation and coved flooring. We also added some custom features to the container doors.

External Cladding

New 20’ high cube container, complete with custom timber effect cladding.

Dog Salon

New 20’ high cube container, large 4500mm glass sliding door in one side and a 1800 x 600 window in the opposite side. Full insulation and AC, this customer build is going to be used as a dog salon.

JAWA Campers

Conjoined 40’ high cube containers, complete with deck to provide our friends at JAWA Campers with their new sales office. AC / Insulation and installation all taken care of by Premier Box.

Office & Toilet Complex

Double stacked complex, with special roof points for the 20’ container to sit on. Bottom 40’ container is fitted out with toilets and showers, top container is an office & drivers reception.

Noosa Rugby Football Club

Container canteen fitted out using a new 20’ high cube container. Complete with awnings, insulation and coved vinyl flooring.

Riverside Marine

Ablution unit specifically designed to sit on the deck of a vessel operating in the waters of Townsville. This 20’ container is separated into four compartments, each with it’s own toilet, shower and sink. Looks great.

Rosemount Nursery

Accessible toilet block constructed from a new 20’ high cube container. One unisex ambulant section, and three standard toilet stalls.

30’ Comms Container

New 40’ high cube container, cut down to 30’ to sit on a custom built chassis. The container is fitted out internal to be used as a remote operator station. All works carried out by Premier Box in conjunction with our customer.

Storage Container Horse Stables

New 20’ container with two full height awnings, internal walls and floor covered with form plywood, along with electrical outlets.

ExxonMobil – Tea Room

ExxonMobil – Shower Block

ExxonMobil – Office and Support Buildings

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