Side Opening Shipping Containers Side Opening Shipping Containers

Premier Box 20' side opening shipping containers are specifically designed for  customers who need general purpose shipping containers, but need to have full side access for loading and unloading.

Available in two heights – standard and high cube - and with or without end doors. Side opening shipping containers can be used to move freight domestically or simply used on site as a storage facility.

Premier Box Side Opening Shipping Container for SaleA secondary use of side opening shipping containers is to modify them to comply with the storage of dangerous goods and chemicals – AS1940-2004. Shipping Container Modifications

Side Opening shipping containers are extremely specialised, and as such we do not hold inventory in all Australian locations at all times. However we can generally source new and used containers in a timely manner.. Get A Quote


Note: Measurements can vary and therefore the below information should only be used as a guide.

 6m Standard6m High Cube

External Length

6058 mm

6058 mm

Internal Length

5898 mm

5898 mm

External Width

2438 mm

2438 mm

Internal Width

2287 mm

2287 mm

External Height

2591 mm

2896 mm

Internal Height

2299 mm

2607 mm

End Door Opening Height

2165 mm

2494 mm

End Door Opening Width

2114 mm

2226 mm

Side Door Opening Height

2154 mm

2494 mm

Side Door Opening Width

5702 mm

5846 mm

Cubic Capacity

31 cu/m

35 cu/m

Gross Weight

24000 kg

24000 kg

Tare Weight

3400 kg

3250 kg

General Construction: Corrosion resistant Corten® steel construction.  Four high strength corner posts fitted with corner castings top and bottom, with interconnecting rails of high tensile steel, with corrugated steel side panels, roof panel and front wall. 

Testing: All containers are checked on the production line for dimensions, door operation, quality of construction and water tightness.

Floors: Hardwood plywood or bamboo.

Ventilators: Two ventilators are installed.