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Open Top Shipping Containers

Open top shipping containers are capable of being loaded from above and can carry oversize cargos. Available as 6m standard or 12m standard shipping containers, they can be supplied with either a removable hard top roof or a tarpaulin. Open top shipping containers can also be used as waste or scrap metal bins. Shipping Container Modifications

Open top shipping containers are extremely specialised, and as such we do not hold inventory in all Australian locations at all times. However we can generally source new and used containers in a timely manner.

Open Top Container Applications:

  • Transport and storage of industrial length steel and plastics
  • Transport and storage of heavy plant and machinery
  • Transport and storage of large tyres

A specialised container that can be loaded from above

We'll help you choose a container that's right for you.

Shipping Container Dimensions

General Construction: Corrosion resistant Corten® steel construction.  Four high strength corner posts fitted with corner castings top and bottom, with interconnecting rails of high tensile steel, with corrugated steel side panels and front wall.  Two pressed steel doors at rear of container, opening 270 degrees, with four hot dip galvanized locking bars, and fitted with watertight rubber seals.

Testing: All containers are checked on the production line for dimensions, door operation, quality of construction and water tightness.

Floors: Hardwood plywood.

Note: Measurements can vary and therefore the below information should be used as a guide only.

 6m Standard12m Standard
External Length6056 mm12192 mm
Internal Length5902 mm12036 mm
External Width2438 mm2438 mm
Internal Width2352 mm2352 mm
External Height2592 mm2592 mm
Internal Height2348 mm2348 mm
Door Opening Width2340 mm2340 mm
Door Opening Height2280 mm2280 mm
Roof Aperture Length5674 mm11798 mm
Roof Aperture Width2252 mm2232 mm
Max Gross Weight30,480 kg32,500 kg
Tare Weight2,220 kg3,880 kg

For more information regarding open top shipping containers for sale, send us a quote request or please give us a call on 07 3888 3011

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