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Flat Rack Shipping Containers for Sale

Flat rack shipping containers are designed to be used when cargo needs to be containerised, but is hard to get into conventional containers! Strong, robust and versatile, flat rack shipping containers can be used to containerise pretty much anything.

Available in 6m and 12m lengths with fixed or collapsible ends, flat rack shipping containers can be used to transport anything from dump trucks to aircraft engines. With the end walls removed flat racks also can make for ideal bridges on rural properties. Shipping Container Modifications

Flat Rack shipping containers are extremely specialised, and as such we do not hold inventory in all Australian locations at all times. However we can generally source new and used containers in a timely manner.

Containerise and transport (almost) anything with a flat rack container

We'll help you choose a container that's right for you.

Shipping Container Specifications

General Construction: – Corrosion resistant Corten® steel construction. 
Floors: – Hardwood plywood.

Note: Measurements can vary and therefore the below information should be used as a guide only.

 20’ Standard40’ Standard

External Length

6058 mm

12192 mm

Deck Length

5850 mm

11984 mm

External Width

2438 mm

2438 mm

External Height

2591 mm

2591 mm

Deck Height

370 mm

647 mm

Side Access

5612 mm

11684 mm

Max Gross Weight

34,000 kg

50,000 kg

Tare Weight

2740 kg

5000 kg

For more information regarding Flat Rack Shipping Containers, send us a quote request or please give us a call on 07 3888 3011

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