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Pallet-Wide Containers for Hire Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

shipping container pricesOur 20' pallet-wide hire shipping containers offer all the same features of general purpose shipping containers, but with extra space. Pallet-wide shipping containers allow customers to load two Australian size pallets side by side, in a container still legal for transport by road, rail or sea. This extra space also makes pallet-wide shipping containers ideal for the removal industry. To assist with extra load restraint when carrying furniture, our containers are fitted with tie rails.

Self Storage Shipping ContainersSelf Storage Shipping Containers

Self Storage Shipping ContainersSelf Storage Shipping Containers

Pallet-Wide Shipping Container Uses:

When you need to hire a shipping container, Premier Box is the supplier you can rely on for fast delivery of the highest quality containers. Premier Box has a dedicated fleet of shipping containers for hire, strategically spread across the country, allowing for speedy delivery at short notice around Australia. The average age of the shipping containers in our dedicated hire fleet is no more than three years. Get A Quote


Information Guide: - 6m High Cube Palletwide Containers for Hire

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Shipping Container Dimensions

General Construction: Composition of corrosion resistant Corten® steel.  High strength corner posts with corner castings top and bottom, and connecting rails of high tensile steel. Corrugated steel side panels, roof panel and front wall.  Pressed steel doors at rear, opening 270 degrees. Four hot dip galvanized locking bars fitted with watertight rubber seals.

From the Blog: What You Should Know About Corten Steel

Testing: All containers are checked on the production line for dimensions, door operation, quality of construction and water tightness.

Floors: Hardwood plywood or bamboo.

Lock Box: A lock box is fitted to the doors (optional).

Ventilators 6m High Cube: Ten ventilators are affixed, five on each side wall.

Load Securing 6m High Cube: Each internal corner post is fitted with three lashing bars.  Twenty lashing rings are fitted, five on each bottom and top rails. 3 Tie rails to be welded inside side walls will be painted with epoxy zinc topcoat. 3.0 x 30 mm. 2 Tie rails to be welded inside roof panel will be painted with epoxy zinc topcoat. 3.0 x 30 mm.

Please note that measurements can vary and therefore the below information should only be used as a guide.

 6m High Cube

Max Gross Weight

30,480 kg

Tare Weight

2,340 kg

External Length

6058 mm

Internal Length

5926 mm

External Width


Internal Width

2392 mm

External Height

2896 mm

Internal Height

2698 mm

Door Opening Width

2360 mm

Door Opening Height

2585 mm

Cubic Capacity

38.2 cu/m